As a company, we are committed to maintaining a healthy and safe working environment. Management will provide necessary safeguards, programs, and equipment required to reduce the potential for incidents and injuries.


Duties and Responsibilities for Safety

A successful Health, Safety, Environmental and Injury and Illness Prevention Program can only be achieved and maintained when there is active interest, participation, and accountability at all levels of the organization.

All employees of Deep Associates will support and maintain an ongoing Health, Safety, Environmental and Injury and Illness Prevention Program through the following:

  1. Provide clear understanding and direction to all management, employees, and subcontractors regarding the importance of safety through the development, implementation, monitoring, and revision of policies and procedures.
  2.  Provide financial support for the Injury and Illness Prevention Program through the provision of adequate funds for the purchase of necessary safety materials, safety equipment, proper personal protective equipment, adequate time for employee safety training, and maintenance of tools and equipment.
  3. Maintain a company commitment to incident prevention by expecting safe conduct on the part of all managers, supervisors, and employees.
  4. Hold all levels of management and employees accountable for incident prevention and safety.
  5. Review all incident investigations to determine corrective action


Managers and supervisors play a key role in the prevention of incidents on the job. They have direct contact with the employees and know the safety requirements for various jobs. Safety responsibilities for these individuals include:

  1. Enforce all safety rules in the Code of Safe Practices, the posted job site rules, and ensure safe work procedures.
  2. Verify corrective action has been taken regarding safety hazards and incident investigations.
  3. Act as a leader in company safety policy and set a good example by following all safety rules.
  4. Instruct all employees under his or her supervision in safe work practices and job safety requirements.
  5. Hold safety meetings with employees.
  6. Ensure employee proficiency when assigning work requiring specific knowledge, special operations, or equipment.
  7.  Ascertain that all machinery, equipment, and workstations are maintained in safe working condition and operate properly.
  8. Correct unsafe acts and conditions that could cause incidents.
  9. Communicate with all employees about safety and incident prevention activities.
  10. . Correct the cause of any incident as soon as possible.
  11. Ascertain that proper first aid and firefighting equipment is maintained and used when conditions warrant its use. 
  12. Maintain good housekeeping conditions at all times.
  13. Investigate all injuries and incidents to determine their cause and potential corrective action.
  14.  Ascertain that all injuries involving our employees that require medical attention are properly treated and promptly reported immediately following the procedures laid out in our post incident response protocol.


Every employee is responsible for working safely, both for self-protection and for protection of fellow co-workers. Employees must also support all company safety efforts. Specific employee safety responsibilities include:

  1. If you are unsure how to do any task safely, ask your supervisor.
  2. Wear all required personal protective equipment (PPE). 
  3. Report all incidents and injuries, no matter how minor, to your supervisor immediately.
  4. Do not operate any equipment you have not been trained on or authorized to use.
  5. Report any safety hazards or defective equipment immediately to your supervisor.
  6. Do not remove, tamper with, or defeat any guard, safety device, or interlock.
  7. Never use any equipment with inoperative or missing guards, safety devices, or interlocks
  8. . Never possess or be under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances while on the premises.
  9. Never engage in horseplay or fighting.
  10. Participate in and actively support the safety program.

Employee Safety Training

Deep Associates is committed to instructing all employees in healthy and safe work practices. Awareness of potential hazards, as well as knowledge of how to control them, is critical in maintaining a healthy and safe work environment in preventing injuries. To achieve this goal, we will provide training to each employee on general safety issues and safety procedures specific to that employee's work assignment. Every new field employee will be given instruction by his or her supervisor in the general safety requirements of their job.

Field managers, supervisors, and employees will be trained at least twice per year on various incident prevention topics. Training provides the following benefits:

  • Makes employees aware of job hazards
  • Teaches employees to perform jobs safely
  • Promotes two-way communication
  • Encourages safety suggestions
  • Creates interest in the safety program

Employee training will be provided at the following times:

  1. New field employees will receive a safety orientation.
  2. Employees given a new job assignment, for which training has not been previously provided, will be trained before beginning the new assignment.
  3. Whenever new substances, processes, procedures, or equipment that represent a new hazard are introduced into the workplace.
  4.  Whenever Deep Associates is made aware of a new or previously unrecognized hazard.
  5. Whenever management believes that additional training is necessary.
  6. After all serious incidents.
  7. When employees are not following safe work policies and procedures.

Training topics will include, but are not be limited to:

  • Employee’s safety responsibility
  • General safety rules
  • Safe job procedures 
  • Safe lifting and material handling practices
  • Use of hazardous materials
  • Use of equipment
  • Emergency procedures
  • Contents of the safety program